Who we are

Why we exist

Each one of the over 5 million orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) in South Africa is a gift from God. They have their own gifts and strengths to be unlocked to bless others, give them a stable future and positively impact the world.

We all can make a difference to the life of one child, and together, as we do, we will impact a community and then a nation.

The Bhambayi Project model

We believe that, for psychological and financial reasons, orphanages should be the last resort for the over 5 million orphans and vulnerable children in our country.

The Bhambayi Project offers an alternative model by supporting these children in their own communities by offering multi-faceted support to both the children and their guardians. Reduced emotional stress reduces abuse and helps these blended families to thrive.

The Bhambayi community

The Bhambayi Project is a registered Non-Profit Organisation and Public Benefit Organisation, operating in the Bhambayi Community, one of the poorest communities in Durban with an unemployment rate of greater than 75%. It is located less than 10 kilometers from Durban North on the Curnick Ndlovu Highway (heading up to Inanda).

Our method

For our giving to have a powerful positive and sustainable impact we must engage not only our hearts, but our minds as well-just because it feels good, doesn't mean that it is good! For this reason we have developed the HOPE Building Model to direct all our giving, ensuring that it is honouring, empowering and offering long-term transformation through relationships.

Our dream

Our dream is not only to build individual lives today, but to see the orphans of today building the families of tomorrow and building the nation of the future.

The potential to transform the way we give and the way we live across our nation is immense.

It is about all giving and receiving, with honour at the core.

We have written our own 'We have a dream' to capture that vision...

Bhambayi Project - Building the Nation one Special Star at a Time

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We have a dream

In a nation with over 5 million orphans and vulnerable children, nearly 7 million people unemployed and over 16 million living below the poverty line, with one of the highest rates of domestic violence and lowest maths and literacy rates in the world, with deep past wounds festering, current fears compounding and an explosive climate of corruption, anger and inequality
we say that we dare to have a dream.

We have a dream of orphans knowing what it is to belong and feel safe
- treasured and supported by a sponsor and a community,
as they grow in the love of their heavenly Father.

We have a dream of children enjoying life and God's creation.
A dream where they experience the love of learning
And of growing in their God-given gifts
Being told they can make it and discovering they can.

We have a dream of these Special Stars becoming Rising Stars
As they venture into the world determined and equipped to make a difference
as someone once made a difference in their lives.
Going on to marry and raise the next generation of leaders in loving and stable homes.

We have a dream of guardians secure, loved and laughing...
Better equipped for the tough road they journey, together sharing their burdens

We have a dream of sponsors with their worlds being redefined
as they venture into areas of poverty never experienced personally
Visiting homes and being visited
Of sharing and blessing, learning and laughing.

We have a dream of productivity and new beginnings
as each uses their strengths and passions to be the building blocks of this dream
A dream that can only be realized by God's power at work in us and among us

We have a dream that is not free from pain, from loss or from disappointment,
but we journey that road together.

It is a dream of honour- where no one is seen as less than.
Where there is no giver and receiver, but all give and receive and are blessed.
It is a dream where we find each other at the foot of the cross,
Where all come empty and all are filled.

We have a dream of impacting lives, a community, a nation.
A dream that is rooted in hope. We have far to go, but we are on the journey.
A journey we would love you to join us on.
We call it The Bhambayi Project.

By Mandy Pearson

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