Our Journey

In 2007, Mandy had been praying for God to direct her to a community closer to where she lived as she had 2 young children and would rather spend her time making a difference than driving in the car. Flash floods in the Bhambayi community were brought to her attention along with Lillian Mokoatle, a Bhambayi community leader. A phone call later and a treasured friendship began that would change lives forever.
The community of St. Martin's church came on board in a wonderful way, sponsoring the many orphans and vulnerable children that were identified. A few leaders- young and old- were identified in the Bhambayi community and joined the team. The project continued to grow. In 2011 the community of St. Margaret's joined the project and from there, involvement in the project grew far wider.
Realising the gap in education, Maths Club was started in 2013. From this grew bursary schemes for those identified with academic talent. A number of other initiatives were started such as the dance group.
Our 10 year celebration in 2017 was a marvelous event and the stirring of a greater vision. Youth workers were employed allowing far more intentional on the ground support of our Special Stars. The Rising Stars and Guardian programmes were also started.
After 10 years of working and learning together, the HELP Giving Model was developed (now renamed as HOPE Building Model), as well as the concept of eye2eye giving. These concepts are impacting many other NGOs, schools and church-based programmes. We hope to extend this influence further into these fields, as well as into the corporate and government sector- encouraging people to apply their head as well as their heart to their giving to ensure it truly is transformational.
The project continues to grow in influence and impact, however, the mission remains the same- to impact lives primarily through relationships and empowerment. We are thankful to God for His faithful provision - not only materially, but in transforming lives, including our own.
A glimpse of the lives being changed...

Bhambayi Project 2017- A glimpse of our impact

youtube video image bhambayi project 2017- a glimpse of our impact
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